Sunday, June 14, 2015


Hi ;)
 I decide to make a post about hair and best hair style for summer. Everyone knows , that in the summer is really important to make your hair beautiful but usefull.

   Hot and sun makes you sweat , that´s the point to change your hair cut or easily , your hair style . 

1. BOB Hair cut - I choose this , like number one, because i know how beautiful it could be to change your lenght , it doesn´t matter how long your hair is , to nice and chic. Bob hair cut is best for every face shape and age. Don´t be afraid and scared of changing and trying. 

2. PONYTAIL- What is quicker than normal but chic and no boring ponytail ?
Do you know that u can try more than 300 styles of pony ? But every time u try it , it´s different ;) 

Some inspiration ?

3. UPDO - I usually use this type of hairstyle . When is hot and I am super lazy :P i take my hair which is medium lenght and try to make some messy and crazy updo.
But this examples will be little bit more chic and nice and mostly attractive. 

Some video inspiration ? 

This was my TOP 3 hairstyles for summer. I hope you enjoy and take some inspiration ;) 

I Love You 
Stay Beautiful ♥

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