Saturday, June 13, 2015


HI , Beautiful Cats ;) This is my BLOG 

 I will be glad  to share with u my opinions , clues, ideas , remarks and my life expressions.
I hope u enjoy my blog and I hope that soon  will make some videos on YouTube. 
Promise : One or more post a week about fashion ideas , my life and other things :)This is my first official post about my feelings and life as well.
 I was told that blogs are not about personal life-family,friends (because of today position of internet and sharing personal experience is dangerous) but I feel a need to share my short story with u. I am so young but I try to live on my own and behave mature. I am 18 . Last 3 years  I am under pressure of my family situation . My parents divorced and I try to find myself now.

Because of my moving from one place to another ,  It´s time to start something stable.

 I know that I wanted to start my own blog for million times but now is time to start seriously :) 

I Love You 
Stay Beautiful 

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